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Prosthechea fragrans

Prosthechea fragrans

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  • Description
  • Description
  • Medium size at maturity. Blooms in winter. Long-lasting flowers! Interesting bulb shape!

    Sample bloom photo and other info: Prosthechea fragrans IOSPE

    Species/Hybrid: Species

    Plant size: BS, likely to previously bloomed

    In bud/bloom?: No

    Pot size:

    Fragrant?: No

    Culture: Intermediate-warm growing, bright light, humidity (40% or more), Water to keep evenly moist. Use a potting media that allows even moisture but still aerated. Fertilize regularly with balanced fertilizer. AOS Prosthechea culture guide

    Listing image provided by Marcel Burkhard, Prosthechea fragransCC BY-SA 1.0

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