Pre-ordering Policies

Any pre-order for a plant must be paid in full before I will add your plant to my order/import
Pre-ordering plants:
  • Any pre-ordered plant (domestic or imported) must be pre-paid in full to reserve it. No exceptions.
  • If for whatever reason, the cost of the plant after import is significantly more than what was originally paid, I will contact you to make arrangements, if needed.
  • In the event that a customer places a preorder, but then wishes to cancel part or all of the preorder for whatever reason, the item/order will be refunded less 3% for payment processing fees if the preorder(s) have not yet been placed with my suppliers. If the preorder has already been placed with the suppliers, then the item/order will be refunded less 15% as a combined cancellation/payment processing fee charge. 
  • Understand that it can sometimes take a month or more from the time you place your order to when it arrives in your hand.
    • This time includes: arrange any export inspections by Agriculture authorities, arrange any paperwork, transport, import Agriculture inspection, and quarantine period with Dr. Bill's Orchids prior to shipping to customers.
    • Plant Quarantine
      • I hold all plants that I receive from another source in a quarantine period of at least 1 week to determine if the plants are healthy, and to allow them to recover from shipping to arrive to me before shipping out again.
      • Upon arrival to me, I immediately treat every plant with Physan 20
      • If a pre-ordered plant looks questionable or weak, I will contact you and advise if I think it needs more time prior to shipping.
    • In the event that a pre-ordered plant is not received, or is Dead on Arrival (DOA) to me:
        • Your payment for that plant+ its associated shipping costs will be fully refunded. If your order has multiple plants, and only one is missing/DOA, only the costs associated with that missing/DOA plant will be refunded. I have not had missing/DOA plants happen often, but it does occasionally. 
      • Shipping costs will be as calculated by the website.
        • Regular inventory plants and preorder plants cannot be combined in the same order. Pre-ordered plants can be only be qualify for combined shipping with other pre-ordered plants. They will not be combined with regular inventory items as I will not hold regular inventory to wait for the preordered plants to come in.
        • Plant sizes/weights are estimated as close as possible based on the information I've received from source vendor to allow for the lowest shipping costs possible and avoid over-charging you, the customer, for shipping. 
        • In the event that the shipping cost of your order is larger than the cost calculated by the website, then a separate invoice for the difference in shipping cost will be sent when plants are ready to be shipped. All shipping costs must be paid before plants will be shipped.
        • Regular shipping policies from Dr. Bill's Orchids, LLC also apply.

      Updated 3/29/21