Speaking Events

If you are interested in scheduling me as a speaker, please send an email to info@drbillsorchids.com or fill out the form on the "Contact" page.
Programs can be in person or via Zoom. 
Current Programs:
1) Growing Ladyslipper Species in the Home Environment
Powerpoint presentation with culture tips for Paph and Phrag species for those who 1) don't have a greenhouse 2) don't live in the tropics 3) don't know where to start with Slipper species. 

2) Expanding Your Orchid Horizons, points for success with new genera:  
Powerpoint presentation to bring new hobbyist growers and experienced growers alike "back to basics" in evaluating their growing environment(s) and how it factors into success with new plants that are added to a collection, and discussing conditions that can be provided or modified compared to a plant's needs. This talk's focus has an emphasis on practicality and environmental conditions that can be applied for the newest windowsill hobbyist with one plant, to the grower with hundreds of plants. 
    3) Orchids 101: How Not to Kill Your Orchid
    Introduction to the world of Orchids, their care, and what to do with the orchids that you can find in the box stores and nurseries.
      4) Growing Aroids, Hoyas, and African Violets in the Home Environment
      5) African Violets at Home- growing, repotting, propagating, and hybridizing
      6) Workshop: repotting orchids and other plants- the when, how, and why of repotting
      • More programs in progress- have a topic in mind? Send an email and I can tailor or create a program to your group's needs!

      Upcoming speaking events:
      • May 10: St. Louis Orchid Society, St. Louis, MO
      • Sep 9: Presentation to Central Illinois Orchid Society, Champaign, IL 
      • Email today to set up your speaking event!
      Previous events:
      • Orchid Society of Greater Kansas City November 2023
      • Wisconsin Orchid Society May 2023
      • Illinois Orchid Society, Chicago Botanic Gardens, Glencoe, IL. Jan 8, 2023
      • Jr Garden Club of Lake Forest, Chicago Botanic Gardens, Glencoe, IL. Feb 16, 2022
      • San Fernando Valley Orchid Society, CA. via Zoom. Feb 2022.
      • New Mexico Orchid Guild, July 2020 via Zoom Presentation.
      • Illinois Orchid Society, June 2020 via Zoom Presentation. Chicago, IL
      • Central Illinois Orchid Society, February 2020. Champaign, IL.
      • Rolling Meadows Garden Club, Rolling Meadows, IL

       Bill presenting slide to group