Due to number of orders, at this time shipments are running 2-3 weeks behind schedule. Orders will be sent as soon as possible.


Next shipping date is scheduled for June 7-8. Orders must be submitted and paid by 48 hours prior to shipping date to allow time for pulling/packing. Payments received after this deadline will be sent on the next shipping date. To add additional plants to your box- see Shipping policy page for more details. Shipping invoices must be paid before any/all orders will be sent. By placing an order, you certify that you have read and agree to the Terms of Service and Shipping Policies as outlined on this site.

*It appears that winter seems to finally be in our rear-view. If a heat pack was purchased from a preorder and is no longer needed, it will be refunded when your box ships. *

Anticipated future shipping dates:

-June 14-15

-June 21-22

-January 2021 orchid pre-orders -> Orders are being shipped as soon as plants are healthy enough. Will be sent ASAP. If you have questions about your order, please send me an email with your order #.

-March-April 2021 Botanical pre-orders -> mid-late May (depending on when imports arrive and what shipment contains your order). Botanical orders have now started to be shipped to customers- you should receive an email update when your box has been shipped. All imports have arrived to the USA, but 2 shipments have not yet been cleared by Agriculture, which is why some orders are not yet complete. As soon as Agriculture releases these shipments, then all imports will have arrived to me. Updates will be posted here and sent via newsletter as I have them. Customers should've received an email update 5/15.

Notes about preorders:

I apologize that there appears to have been some confusion with the email updates from 5/15. Any plants listed in the bullets are plants that I have not yet received- those plants have either not yet been released by Customs or have not yet left their country of origin.  As noted in my pre-order policies, after any plants arrive, I hold them for at least 7 days to assess for health before sending to customers. Because I do hold them for this time, I normally will start sending out preorder notification emails on Thursday or Friday that a customer's plants are ready to ship the following week (some plants will need more time than the 7 days to recuperate enough for me to feel comfortable in sending it to a customer). You will receive an email from the website with your tracking number as soon as I have created the shipping label. The ship dates that are listed on the Home Page are for plants that have been have been released from quarantine. If you have any questions about your order, please send me an email.