-We are trying our best to catch up to orders- we expect to be caught up with shipping the week of 11/28/22. We apprecaite your patience. If you have questions about your order, please email

-Winter Shipping Requirements are in effect -> Find Winter Shipping Policy Here

Winter Shipping Requirements are in effect as of Nov 11, 2022

Next Shipping Dates:

Orders must be submitted and paid by 48 hours prior to shipping date to allow time for pulling/packing. Payments received after this deadline will be sent on the next shipping date. To add additional plants to your box- see Shipping policy page for more details. Plant costs and Shipping invoices must be paid before any/all orders will be sent.

Anticipated future shipping dates (weather conditions permitting):

*2-3 days per week until shipments are caught up

*No shipments will be sent Thanksgiving week (week of 11/21) to avoid issues with the holiday

-Week of 11/28/22

-week of 12/5

-Week of 12/12

-week of 12/19

-week of 12/26

So what are we all about?

A step into the exotic world of tropical orchids and plants, Dr. Bill's Orchids is an e-commerce nursery supplying a broad selection of Orchids, Aroids, African Violets and other Botanicals species/hybrids. We pride ourselves on finding "unusual" or "off the beaten path" items to offer for the discerning collector.