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Shipping Policies

Shipping is done in batches on designated shipping date(s) as listed on the Dr. Bill's Orchids Home page. Shipping is mainly done on Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays, with the occasional Tuesdays (especially with federal holidays on Mondays).

Shipping is dependent upon the weather- in cases of extreme heat or cold that may otherwise be unsafe to ship the plants, I will be in contact to establish a new shipment date. Shipment tracking information will be provided once the item is shipped. If you know you will not be available to receive your package during any point in time, please contact me to coordinate shipping arrangements. I will only hold orders when weather is not conducive to shipping. Orders will only be combined when a customer has placed multiple orders during the same shipment period- in other words, combining subsequent orders that have been placed prior to the shipment of the first box/order. For cold weather shipping, please see the Winter Shipping Policy page.

  • If adding additional plants to your order, please select the "Select only if you CURRENTLY have an open box (an unshipped EXISTING order)- Will be invoiced shipping cost separately. NOT FREE" option at checkout and you will receive a separate shipping invoice via email for the total cost of shipping for your box. Shipping invoices must be paid before any/all orders will be sent.
  • It is the Buyer's responsibility to check the next shipping date to ensure that someone will be available to receive the shipment and/or notify Dr. Bill's Orchids to delay shipping. If the Buyer is unavailable to receive his order (vacation, holidays, etc) and does not contact Dr. Bill's Orchids to delay shipment: Dr. Bill's Orchids is not responsible for any shipments that were shipped while the Buyer was away on holiday without written notification (email) to hold shipment until the Buyer's return.

Dr. Bill's Orchids, LLC has a live plant arrival guarantee, with limited coverage of "Scratch 'N Dent" plant sales. If there is any problem with the plant(s) upon arrival, Dr. Bill's Orchids, LLC must be notified and/or provided with pictures of the damage within 24 hours of arrival/delivery. Anything beyond this time, I cannot guarantee any compensation for the damage (replacement, refund, etc) as it has been out of my care. By the time the plant is sold and the buyer receives the plant, the flowers can be spent. Also note that although plants are carefully packed, spikes, buds, blooms, or flowers are not guaranteed through the shipping process, nor are leaves of botanical plants guaranteed to be free of cosmetic damage from the shipping process. Once the package is delivered to the UPS, USPS, or other shipping service, I have no control over its handling.

The buyer assumes all responsibility for any import regulations that their state's Department of Agriculture may have**. The seller (Dr. Bill's Orchids, LLC) is not responsible, nor liable for reimbursement of any sort, if the product is seized or destroyed by regulatory authorities. 

**Buyers in Hawaii need a phytosanitary certificate to receive plants out of flask, this cost is borne by the customer ($100) and Hawaiian customers need to send me their import paperwork.


Updated 9/10/21