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African Violet Potting Kit

African Violet Potting Kit


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  • Description
  • Description
  • Purchased an African Violet a while ago and need to repot? Instead of buying a bag of generic box-store potting mix, this is the mix that I have created for my African Violets that is moisture retentive but still well aerated.

    The Full Bag contains approximately 8L of soil- same size seen in most box stores.

    Kit includes either 8L or 4L bag of African Violet mix and 2" plastic pots (qty 2).

    Rough equivalents of an 8L bag ae listed below

    • Approximately 8 of your 6" pots 
    • Approximately 14 of your 4" pots
    • Approximately 4.04 pounds
    Larger sizes available on request.
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