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Pinguicula/Drosera Potting Kit

Pinguicula/Drosera Potting Kit


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So you got a bare rooted Pinguicula and don't know what size pot or what media to put it in... Let me do the work and send you a pre-packaged bag of Pinguicula and Drosera Potting media and a pot! All you have to do is plant the pot in its new soil! Soilless potting media is my own mix that I use to grow my Pinguicula and Drosera.

Kit contains either:

#1) 1x 1L bag of potting media (enough for four 2" square pots) and 4 x 2" square plastic pot

#2) Enough potting media for a single 2" square pot + a single 2" square plastic pot

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