Bifrenaria aureofulva

Bifrenaria aureofulva


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  • Description
  • Description
  • Sometimes called Stenocoryne aureofulva, a wonderful mini that can bloom freely throughout the year with bright orange flowers that remind me of the stereotypical "pumpkin" color for Halloween. 

    Some sources have said needs dry winter rest, but we would recommend this as a "drier" winter rest- not to let completely dry like a Catasetum. When kept in warmer conditions have had growth year round, thus requiring regular watering.

     Species or hybrid?


    Seed grown or clone?  seed

    Main Bloom Season

    Summer, free-flowering

    Growth Habit

    compact, <12"

    Plant size

    Representative plant shown- may or may not be exact plant in photos, unless otherwise noted. May not be in flower when received


    Yes, lightly sweet and pleasant fragrance

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