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Den. lindleyi

Den. lindleyi


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  • Description
  • Description
  • Deciduous, short, thick pseudobulbs that are mini-compact in size (usually not more than 4" tall each). Flower spikes grow in late winter, taking several weeks to develop before blooming - it is definitely a test of patience! Usually carrying 10-20 flowers. Pendant flower spikes mean this is best displayed hanging or arranged on a stand to allow flowers to be enjoyed. Color deepens as the flower ages from light yellow to normally a deep-egg yellow. 

    Water and fertilize liberally in active growth periods, in Fall-Winter, cut back watering to almost no water at all unless pseudobulbs become very shriveled- water sparingly. Begin watering normally when flower buds appear. Needs cool temps to set flower buds.

     Species or hybrid?


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    Main Bloom Season

    late winter-early spring


    intermediate-hot, needs 2-3 months with night temps <60 F to bloom



    Growth Habit




    Plant size

    Representative plant shown when possible- may or may not be exact plant in photos, unless otherwise noted. May not be in flower when received

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