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Tolumnia Jairak Flyer 'MO 01'

Tolumnia Jairak Flyer 'MO 01'

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  • Description
  • Description
  • Cute red on mini plants! 

    Species/Hybrid: Hybrid

    Plant size: BS, multigrowth

    Pot size: 2" square

    Fragrant?: No

    Culture: Native to the Carribean, Bahamas, Cuba, Florida, and Puerto Rico, these plants like to be kept in warm, bright conditions. Most flower in late winter-early spring, but some will bloom freely year-round in the right conditions. Grow bright like oncidiums. Should have some flecks of red, entirely purple leaves mean that there is too much light. Varieties with lots of red tend to have more red in their leaves, even in lower light conditions. Where these "Equitant Oncidiums" differ from their other Oncidium kin, is that they want their roots to dry out relatively fast- use a well draining media or mount them so they get good air flow. 

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