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Paphinia cristata

Paphinia cristata

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  • Description
  • Description

  • Medium size at maturity. Blooms early winter-late spring. 2-3 flowers/ inflorescence as a new growth appears. Large, showy flowers. Best grown in a hanging net pot because sometimes the spikes go downward through the media before blooming.  

    Sample bloom photo: IOSPE

    Species/Hybrid: species 

    Plant size: BS, may have previously bloomed

    In bud/bloom?: No

    Pot size:

    Fragrant?: No

    Culture: Low to intermediate light, high humidity (70% and above), plants should not be allowed to dry out completely. Not heavy feeders, but appreciate weak dilutions of fertilizer weekly. AOS culture guide

    Listing photo provided by Maarten Sepp, Paphinia cristata-01CC BY-SA 4.0

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