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Oncidesa Cocoa Cappuccino

Oncidesa Cocoa Cappuccino

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  • Description
  • Description
  • Compact growing plants that can bloom multiple times a year! And FRAGRANT to boot! Who wouldn't love the smell of a cocoa cappuccino from their plant? Other growers who have bloomed this a few times report that total plant height including spikes is usually less than 18" tall, but can get a little taller spikes when grown into a more mature plant (but still stays compact).

    Bloom size plants starting in 2.25" pot size

     Species or hybrid?


    Seed grown or clone? Seed

    Main Bloom Season


    Growth Habit

    Under 20" tall

    Temperature Intermediate

    Plant size

    Varies based on size chosen by customer

    Blooming plant picture is NOT GUARANTEED to be representative of plants for sale


    Yes, reported to be like a cocoa cappuccino (it's namesake)

    Bloom picture courtesy of our friends at The OrchidFix 

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