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Mega Thrive, 1 quart bottle

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  • Description
  • I've used quite a few growth-promoting products, but none have given me results quite like Mega Thrive. Photos of some plants that have been treated with MT and their subsequent roots shown in the pictures.

    So what is this "magic elixir" you ask? It's a specially designed liquid foliar-application formula that has an enzyme that helps to stimulate the plant's natural growth and rooting enzymes (auxins and cytokinins). In the end, with regular use, it leads to more/bigger leaves, more roots, increased flower count, and overall more vigorous plants! I've also found the the leaves are a little shinier without having to shine them- bonus! You can use it on any plants that you are not using to produce for food (basically anything in the flower garden, but not the "eating" garden).

    How to use it:

    For the average home grower:

    -Prepare a diluted Mega Thrive solution by mixing 3 oz (6 Tablespoons) of Mega Thrive Concentrate to 1 gal of water. A little goes a long way! For your convenience, I have done the math and provided the chart below for you to easily reference amount of concentrated stock needed for various prepared amounts.

    *I personally recommend home growers prepare 1 quart or less at a time until you know how much you need to avoid a bunch left over diluted solution that usually ends up wasted.

    Amount of Mega Thrive CONCENTRATE (from the stock bottle you received)   Amount of DILUTED prep desired
    2.25 Teaspoons  1 pint
    1.5 Tablespoons 1 quart
    3 Tablespoons 0.5 gallons
    6 Tablespoons 1 gallon


    How to apply:

    • Spray upper and lower leaves with the diluted solution that you prepared until the Mega Thrive starts to run off the leaves.
    • Let it naturally dry on the leaves
    • While not technically a requirement for application, usually try to avoid applying during the hottest/brightest parts of the day to avoid the droplets on the leaves acting as a magnifying glass causing sunburns and other cosmetic damage to your leaves

    How often to apply:

    • Every 2 weeks during the main growing season, can be cut back to once a month during the dormant seasons
    • Apply to roots and whole plant when repotting
    • I have also applied to recently deflasked seedlings weekly for 3 weeks and then put them on the "regular schedule" with the rest of the plants after that initial 3 week post-deflask period.

    Other things to keep in mind:

    • Mega Thrive concentrate (the stuff in the stock bottle you receive) is stable at temperatures 50-80F for 2 years, but once diluted, the mixture is only good for 24 hours before the enzymes within it break down.
    • Keep out of direct sunlight- sunlight accelerates the enzyme degradation
    • DO NOT MIX WITH FERTILIZER! The POTASSIUM (K) in the fertilizer will INACTIVATE the enzyme in Mega Thrive, so you would essentially just be applying expensive waste water! - I usually will also give my leaves and plants a thorough flush and spraying with RO water to remove any salt residues that could be lurking on the leaves the watering prior to applying Mega Thrive. 

    More information can be found at www.megathrive.com

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    Rickey Anderson
    Mega Thrive 1 Quart Bottle

    While I am excited to receive this new orchid food the proof in the pudding will be the magnificent blooms that will come forth.
    Thank you for having it in stock and I look forward in doing business with you again in the future.