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Cycnoches cooperi

Cycnoches cooperi

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  • Description
  • Description

  • Small size at maturity. Blooms in summer. Wonderful copper to amber flower color! 

    Sample bloom photo and other info: Cycnoches cooperi IOSPE 

    Species/Hybrid: Species

    Plant size: BS, may have previously bloomed

    In bud/bloom?: No

    Pot size:

    Fragrant?: Yes, chocolate-scented

    Culture: warm to hot growing, bright light, humidity (70% or more) during active growth. When actively growing, water regularly to maintain even moisture. Once plants have flowered, water should be gradually reduced until stopped until new growths appear with new shoots. During active growth, fertilize heavily- they need it to develop well. No fertilizer while plants are dormant.  AOS Cycnoches culture guide

    listing photo provided by: Alejandro Bayer Tamayo from Armenia, Colombia, Cycnoches cooperi (14300697305) - cropped 2CC BY-SA 2.0

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