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Cischweinfia dasyandra

Cischweinfia dasyandra

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    MINI to small size. Blooms in summer. 

    Sample bloom photo and other info: Cischweinfia dasyandra IOSPE

    Species/Hybrid: Species

    Plant size: BS, may have previously bloomed

    In bud/bloom?: No

    Pot size:

    Fragrant?: No

    Culture: hot to cool growing, medium light, humidity (60% or more). Water regularly to keep evenly moist. Does very well in basket culture with moss or moss + clay pot to keep evenly moist without becoming soggy/waterlogged.  Fertilize weakly all year, but make sure to provide flushes to minimize salt buildup.  AOS Cischweinfia culture guide

    Listing photo provided by: OrchiCischweinfia dasyandra Orchi 072CC BY-SA 3.0

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