African Violet Letnie Sumerki "Summer Twilight"

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  • Description
  • African Violet Letnie Sumerki "Summer Twilight"

    Leaf cuttings taken within 1-2 days prior to shipping

     Species or hybrid? Hybrid
    Growth Habit Standard
    Color Semi-double to Double dark indigo flowers with white border
    Flower type Semi-double
    Plant size Representative plant shown- may or may not be exact plant in photos, unless otherwise noted. May not be in flower when received
    Pot size (if applicable) 2-2.5" pot
    Fragrant? No


     Culture: African Violet culture

    Customer Reviews

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    Kristina Jones
    The plant arrived in great shape!

    The plant arrived very healthy. I have it in isolation on the back porch. I would prefer that shredded paper not be used in and around the plant.

    Thank you for your review and your input on my packing method. I am currently still testing a few different ways to best pack the African Violets to minimize damage/stress to the plant during shipping and still let the plant 'breathe' while in transit. I will make a note to not use the shredded paper for your orders in the future. Any questions or problems, please let me know!
    Happy Growing,